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2024 so far

Hey guys!

I'm writing this entry because we feel so lucky for all the shows you have been showing up to for us and the fantastic artists we share the stage with. I want to say thank you for supporting live music, your local, and Ode To Sleep!

We kicked off the year playing Olby's Soul cafe with Riskee and the Ridicule. Olby's will always have a special place in my heart as it was a local haunt as a teen for both Chris and I (Liz). Back then it was the Westcoast bar and the floors were famously sticky. As you can imagine we have lived many great nights in that basement and also many bad ones (as you do as a teen) I remember going to support one if Chris' early bands there back in the day for Battle of the bands! We saw off a friend who was leaving for the states there. Endless gigs. Some of bands and artists cutting their teeth on that stage and some seasoned veterans of the blinding stage lights. I watched Skindred there with my two older brothers back in probably 2011 and i'll treasure that memory always.

We headlined a show at Olbys at the beginning of spring this year and shared the stage with Harmony Bo and Cloud of Flies. It was a seated gig which was unusual but honestly one of my favorites so far. You all made us feel so welcome and free to have fun, thank you for that. We made some new faces that night that I hope to see again soon :)

The shows this year have been some of my favorites so far. And we have you to thank. Every dance, every scream, every smile or raising of a glass is seen. Thank you for buying our merch and supporting us so much. We love a post show chat too so do come and say hi <3

We cannot wait to see you at our next show! Until then, look after each other and live well

Liz, Jade & Chris

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